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Josh Williams

Josh Williams is the founder and president of BW Research. He manages the firm's California office. Josh has worked in the applied research industry for over 20 years as an analyst, project manager, and research director, and founded BW Research in 2006. Josh remains committed to research and analyses that drive better policies and investment, improves programs and strategies, and expands economic opportunity for all. The firm was founded and remains grounded in the philosophy that robust evidence and reliable data should drive effective planning and decision making.


Josh's work at BW Research is focused on understanding and measuring how the world of work is changing and what it means for households, students, workers, and businesses. He has had numerous public speaking engagements communicating insights on recent research findings and their impact on employment, education, and the economy. His recent work has examined how employment and economic development could change as regional and statewide economies transition from the status quo to a low carbon future, how regions have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and their best opportunities for recovery and rebuilding, and how educational and employment pathways are evolving as our communities respond to automation, artificial intelligence, and the emerging technologies of our generation.


At BW Research, Josh often combines secondary data modeling with his expertise in primary research and survey design. He received his B.A. from George Washington University in International Economics, and his M. A. from California State University, Long Beach in Economics. When he is not actively involved in research, coaching rugby, or spending time with his family, he tries to spend more time in the ocean or the mountains.

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