SafeRx Santa Cruz County (SafeRx) is a local substance use safety coalition comprised of social service, government, behavioral health, and healthcare organizations dedicated to aligning and accelerating best practices for opioids and other substances, as well as current best practice guidelines to reduce death. SafeRx works
towards a healthy, thriving, safe, equitable Santa Cruz County through prevention, increased treatment access (particularly with proven-effective and promising
medications for treating substance use), and evidence-based, harm reduction practices, to improve community well-being and save lives.

 SafeRx Santa Cruz County 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic those living with addiction will inevitably experience increased levels of isolation and stress. Please keep in mind that our response to the opioid epidemic has been hindered by physical distancing policies and increased barriers to SUD care. Sam Quinones has written about the grace that will be needed from all of us during these times. To see his article on grace for those living with addiction please visit the following website. 

History of SafeRx

SafeRx was originally brought together with funding from the California Health Care Foundation in November of 2015 to decrease opioid-related misuse and deaths by focusing on three federal priority areas:


  1. Safer prescribing practices

  2. Improved access to medication-assisted substance use disorder treatment

  3. Increased availability of overdose reversal medication (Naloxone, Narcan)

Today, SafeRx is maintained through funding from the California Public Health Department, Janus' Hub and Spoke grant, and Santa Cruz County Substance Use Disorder Services Prevention Division. Rooted in the unique concept of opioid failure (the medications have failed the patient; the patient has not failed the treatment), SafeRx continues to address the local opioid epidemic.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets quarterly to help keep work groups on track
and provide guidance and support to initiative leads in meeting their goals.

Prescriber Practices Initiative

to develop resources for addressing the 3 federal priority areas: supporting safe prescribing, increasing access to MAT, and increasing access to Naloxone

Metrics Initiative

to develop a community dashboard with accurate, relevant, and easily tracked data

Community  Education Initiative

to develop and publicize patient and community education messaging around prescription medication safety

SafeRx Partners


Central Coast Recovery Options

Central Coast Recovery Options offers an integrated partnership with primary care to merge Janus of Santa Cruz's expertise in opioid use disorders, provide the necessary resources, and deliver continued training and support in an effort to increase access to treatment. 

"Talk About It" Campaign

Community Prevention Partners' Talk About It campaign fosters an informed and compassionate county-wide response to substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. 

Prescribe Safe Monterey

Prescribe Safe is meant to guide, educate, and provide resources for our local physicians and patients in the safe use of prescription medications and promote safe and effective pain management in Monterey County.

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