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HIP is working to advance systems level change in Care Coordination.  Since 2018 HIP hosted 8 Care Coordination Networking Sessions focused on reinforcing interagency communication and strengthening relationships among providers serving complex patients. In partnership with the Santa Cruz Health Information Organization (SCHIO), HIP provided leadership in the process of selecting both a community care coordination platform and a closed loop resource and referral directory.  HIP continues to work collaboratively with SCHIO to engage local organizations in these systems.  Acknowledging federal and state efforts to optimize service delivery for people with complex needs, in 2020, HIP supported Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency in the development of “Lessons Learned” reports regarding Whole Person Care – Cruz to Health.  These reports offer insights as to what is unique about our local Whole Person Care pilot program. 

Care Coordination

With improved information sharing systems we expect patients to experience better care and health outcomes. The HIP team is deeply invested in a collaborative approach to problem solving; we actively promote awareness of specific local care coordination programs and facilitate their alignment.

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