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Senior Program Coordinator

Ali has worked in public health in Santa Cruz County for 22 years. Her passion for public health and improving health outcomes runs deep! Ali has a B.S. in Community Health and a Master’s in Public Health, both from Portland State University. Ali worked for the Santa Cruz County Division of Public Health for 15 years, working in various programs such as Emergency Preparedness, HIV/ HCV, overdose prevention, and Teen Pregnancy Prevention work throughout the county. Ali has enjoyed partnering and working alongside dedicated nonprofits/organizations throughout her career. Ali joins HIP after 8 years at the University of California Santa Cruz, helping to improve health services for students on campus as well as campus-wide health education, program development, and program evaluation for the 20,000 diverse students who attend every year. Ali has worked across multiple sectors throughout Santa Cruz County, such as incarcerated settings, recovery and treatment sites, middle and high schools, and community health outreach via a street medicine model. These collective experiences helped develop her awareness of the vast needs and communities that make up Santa Cruz County. Ali has enjoyed supporting coalitions and bringing folks together to identify funds to address community health needs and improve, services always centering the voices of the community members.


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