COVID-19 in Santa Cruz County - Effects on Watsonville Community Hospital & Community Mental Hea

Please see for up to date data on COVID-19 cases in the county. Santa Cruz County COVID-19 Dashboard Public Health Officer Report: At our last convening Dr. Gail Newel gave an update on COVID-19 cases in our county. For up to date numbers please see the link above. Dr. Newel also spoke to the local work being done to reopen Santa Cruz County as well as the guidance available through the California Resilience Road Map created by the governor’s office. Local Response: The County is now partnered with Community Foundation Santa Cruz County to create and enact a community-based plan for moving forward through the COVID-19 epidemic. The partnership has been named SAVE Lives Sa

COVID-19 Public Health Officer Report & Partner Check-ins

Public Health Officer Report At our April 9 HIP Council meeting, we were joined by the Santa Cruz County Public Health Officer, Dr. Gail Newel. Dr. Newel provided an update on local COVID-19 cases, emphasizing that the county strategy has moved from one of containment to one focused on mitigation of negative health outcomes, specifically for our more vulnerable populations. These populations include people in our jails, those experiencing homelessness, and skilled nursing facility residents. Dr. Newel also explained that testing for COVID-19 is still an issue for our community, as it is throughout the nation. Not only is there a significant lack of testing capacity, but at the time of our me

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