Why are opioids so dangerous?

Even when taken as directed, prescription opioids can lead to heightened tolerance causing you to need to take more of the medication for the same pain relief. The body's physical dependence results in symptoms of withdrawal when the medication is stopped. Withdrawal symptoms can include increased sensitivity to pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, sleepiness, dizziness, confusion, depression, low energy and strength, itching, and sweating. Consuming too many opioids can stop a person's breathing and can lead to death.

Opioid Failure: Talk About It

When should I be concerned that my opioid pain medications have failed me or my loved ones? Talking about three questions can help you decide 1 - Are serious opioid-related side effects occurring? Serious side effects re ones that are life threatening--usually requiring admission to the hospitalto manage, like not breathing well or becomng very confused. Serious side effects are ones that are difficult to manage, like severe constipation. Another side effect that can be difficult to manage is called "opioid-induced hyperalgesia." This is a medical term for when opioids make someone's pain worse by increasing pain sensitivity. If you feel that you are more sensative to pain (when you go to th

Changing Trends to Improve Life Chances

SafeRx Santa Cruz County During July’s HIP Council meeting, Bill Morris, MD from Janus of Santa Cruz and Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Jen Hastings, MD, physician consultant at HIP presented on SafeRx Santa Cruz County, our local opioid safety coalition. SafeRx is a broad-sector coalition that relies on partners in social services, government, and healthcare working together to influence change and accelerate existing efforts to promote opioid safety. The coalition is divided into three work groups, who are managed and supported by the Steering Committee. The Change Package Development work group focuses on supporting safe prescribing practices, expanding access to Medication Assisted Tre

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