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Program Coordinator

Maria Estela Jerezano serves as a Program Coordinator at HIP. Prior to her jump to healthcare, she worked at Hartnell College where she helped onboard high school seniors to Hartnell and provide them with resources to increase retention.


She was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles where she joined multiple non-profit organizations as a youth and participated in community events. This is where she found her passion for community outreach and the fight for healthcare equity.

Maria holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz. She is currently completing the requirements necessary to apply to medical school. Maria’s future is to become a Gynecologist, and to provide medical care to underrepresented womxn while advocating for their needs.

On her free time, Maria loves to travel, eat all kinds of new (and familiar) foods, and spend time with her dogs: Coco, Chanel, Cleo, and Cami.

María Estela Jerezano

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