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CalAIM Providing Access and Transforming Health (PATH)

Five-year (2022-2027), $1.85 billion effort of DHCS, focused on building the capacity of CBOs, public hospitals, county agencies, tribes, and other organizations to successfully participate in Medi-Cal’s CalAIM initiative, specifically to “…build up the capacity and infrastructure of on-the-ground partners to successfully participate in the Medi-Cal delivery system and implement ECM, Community Supports, and Justice-Involved services.”


PATH is composed of two aligned programs and initiatives: Justice Involved Capacity Building Program (funding began in 2023 and has now ended) and Support for Implementation of Enhanced Care Management and Community Supports.

  • PATH Support for Implementation of ECM and Community Supports Guidance: Collaborative Planning and Implementation Initiative. DHCS. The PATH Collaborative Planning and Implementation (CPI) Initiative will provide funding to support regional CPI efforts among managed care plans (MCPs), providers, community-based organizations, county agencies, public hospitals, Medi-Cal Tribal and Designees of Indian Health Programs, and others to support implementation of ECM and Community Supports. The PATH third party administrator, Public Consulting Group (PCG) will work with stakeholders in the region to convene county or regional CPI efforts.

  • Collaborative Planning and Implementation. DHCS. Includes the link to “Register to Participate”.

  • CalAIM PATH Two-Page Fact Sheet. DHCS. Providing Access and Transforming Health (PATH) is a CalAIM initiative focused on capacity building and infrastructure, for community providers (including CBOs) to better serve Medi-Cal members statewide. CalAIM All Comer Webinar: PATH Collaborative Planning and Implementation. DHCS. June 2022. Slide 6 - high-level description of the Collaborative Planning and Implementation Initiative; Slide 19 - potential activities for the initiative. 

  • Visit the DHCS PATH web page to learn more. (DHCS) 

  • Technical Assistance Marketplace. DHCS. The PATH Technical Assistance (TA) Marketplace initiative provides funding for providers, community-based organizations, counties, and others to obtain technical assistance resources to establish the infrastructure needed to implement Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports.

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