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Promoting Joy in the Work Place

Why Promote Joy in the Work Place?

At this transformational time, the added demands on healthcare providers have taken a toll. Burnout and subsequent low provider retention are sweeping the nation’s healthcare staff and putting patients’ safety at risk. At the 2018 Community Forum, we pivot this focus to joy. How can we promote joy (healthcare’s greatest asset)?

Sponsored by the Central California Alliance for Health, the content for this Community Forum was showcased in the tri-county region of Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Merced.


This seminar hosted keynote speaker, Christina Maslach, PhD, social psychologist and pioneer researcher in the field of occupational satisfaction, and a panel of seasoned leaders in creating joy in the workplace. Dr. Maslach is best known as one of the pioneering researchers on job burnout, and the author of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), the most widely used research measure in the burnout field.


Rachel Willard-Grace, MPH

Santa Cruz

Director of the Center for Excellence in Primary Care (CEPC) at the University of California San Francisco, where she worked with Tom Bodenheimer to develop the 10 Building Blocks of Primary Care based on a study of high performing practices across the United States

Margae Knox, MPH

Merced, Monterey

Manages the System Transformation Evaluation Project (STEP), an annual survey that assesses team culture, burnout, and other aspects of work experience at more than 20 clinics across two San Francisco-based health systems

Walt Mills, MD

Monterey, Santa Cruz

Faculty Member of the Natividad Family Residency. Dr. Mills has spoken nationally on residency innovation, finding balance and joy in a medical life, and the Patient Centered Medical Home.

Catherine Sonquist Forest, MD, MPH

Merced, Monterey, Santa Cruz

Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine at UCSF Natividad. Dr. Sonquist Forest has served for over 15 years on the legislative affairs committee of the CA Academy of Family Physicians (CAFP) and actively teaches other physicians about a variety of topics including tools for resiliency and happiness.

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