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HIP takes a unique approach to improving health care systems at the local level. By uniting public and private providers to improve coordination of services, increase access and reduce costs, HIP can surpass the scope of any one individual organization.

Key Initiatives

HIP's members have partnered on the following key initiatives:

  • Baby Gateway to reinforce the importance of primary care during the baby's first year of life and beyond and to reduce unnecessary emergency department visits for illnesses best treated in the pediatrician's office;
  • Community Engagement to inform and involve a broad range of stakeholders including health care, government, business, labor, and consumers regarding policy changes to improve the health care system and Public Information to educate and raise awareness through health care data, studies, monthly news columns in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and legislative analysis;
  • Health Equities to improve the health of those who have experienced social or economic disadvantage;
  • Health Navigator to improve the health outcomes of those served, reduce preventable hospital readmissions, and link uninsured individuals to critically needed primary care services;
  • Healthy Kids of Santa Cruz County to provide comprehensive health insurance to local low-income children;
  • Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Initiative to facilitate quality improvement projects within local safety net clinics working towards transforming into patient centered medical homes.
  • Pediatric Vision Group to create a more collaborative, integrative and inclusive system of pediatric care in Santa Cruz County;
  • Safety Net Clinic Coalition to support a strong, sustainable system of community clinics and other providers in order to provide quality, affordable care to low-income, publicly insured, or uninsured residents; and
  • Triple Aim to derive better health care value from the resources we invest.

Other initiatives and partnerships to improve the coordination and delivery of care:

  • 52-10 initiative, in which HIP partners with Go For Health! to support a community-wide social marketing and advocacy campaign about the role of nutrition and physical activity in decreasing obesity;
  • Health Information Technology to build a stronger local health care system;
  • Hospitalist Project to coordinate medical care for safety net patients when they are hospitalized in one of three area hospitals;
  • Make Your Wishes Known/POLST to promote planning for end-of-life care by involving hospitals, private physicians and safety net clinics to increase the number of adults with documented end of life plans;
  • Project Connect to target uninsured and publicly insured adults with a high number of visits to hospital emergency departments in Santa Cruz County; and
  • Regional Diabetes Collaborative to support, promote, and coordinate efforts to prevent and manage diabetes in Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey Counties.