With the rollout of vaccines against COVID-19, Santa Cruz County faced an unprecedented task: to vaccinate an entire population in a very short timeframe. One of the biggest challenges we all faced was finding sufficient and timely resources, partnerships and expertise needed to respond and sustain the response. The Immunization (IZ) Network will bridge these gaps to create, strengthen and build on existing connections, resources, and partnerships within our community to leverage our collective awareness and knowledge with the ultimate aim of forging an inclusive immunization system that is person-centered and facilitates excellence in vaccine education, administration, and performance

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To maintain an equitable and quality vaccination strategy to optimize vaccination rates in Santa Cruz County.

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Vaccination rates for both COVID-19 vaccines and many routine vaccinations are currently at suboptimal levels in Santa Cruz County. These gaps risk the health of the entire community by reducing our collective (or herd) immunity. Looking to the future, it's also imperative to prepare for a new 

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COVID-19 variant or novel pandemic. Both of these scenarios would require rapid and coordinated vaccine rollouts across the community. Health Improvement Partnership's past work has demonstrated that when individual health stakeholders come together to address issue areas, they're able to achieve results over and above what was possible for each organization acting alone. As such, the IZ Network seeks to leverage data, best practice, and resource sharing with increased community dialogue to advance the mission of preventing vaccine preventable disease and death

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