Behavioral Health Program Assistant

Job Description 

Program Assistant is an integral team member of the Health Improvement Partnership of Santa Cruz (HIP) that fills a variety of different roles key to the success and progress of HIP’s programs.  As a member of the HIP staff team, the Program Assistant supports programs and efforts related to HIP’s strategic goals of Promoting Collaboration and Building Systems of Care. The Program Assistant provides support and attends HIP convenings including, but not limited to; Care Coordination, Hepatitis C virus (HPV), Integrated Behavioral Health Action (IBHAC) Coalition, as well as Children’s Health-focused programs and supporting Continuing Medical Education (CME) seminars.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    •    Provide logistical support towards other HIP programs, but not limited to, Care Coordination, HPV, IBHAC and CME learning sessions and seminars
    •    Attend  and provide needed logistical support for HIP events such as Central California Alliance for Health and Dignity Health CME sessions such as certificate provision and extracting attendance report 
    •    Develop and maintain relationships with program partners and consultants

  •         OUTREACH (25%)
    •    Assists in creating and supporting branding efforts through recruiting message and methods, brand identification and awareness, ad development, networking and promotional opportunities, and candidate engagement activities for programs for behavioral health team
    •    Provides support to website development through content updates, as well as posting social media content for behavioral health
    •    Updates and tracks meeting invitations, conduct doodle polls and helps create meeting agendas and capture/share meeting notes

  • LEADERSHIP (5%):
    •    Participates in performance measurement process including staff meetings, weekly and monthly 1:1 meetings
    •    Creates opportunities for collaboration among team members

  • Other Duties and Responsibilities:
    •    Ability to lead and manage change
    •    Exhibits capacity to enforce accountability
    •    Management of communication processes and systems
    •    Responsible for conflict resolution and problem solving
    •    Ability to prioritize and manage time effectively
    •    Ability to gain consensus, collaboration and build an effective teamwork environment
    •    Drives innovation and supports a continuous improvement process philosophy
    •    Ability to build internal and external relationships
    •    Establishes and builds an environment of trust and credibility 

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree. Health sciences, sociology, anthropology, or political science preferred.

  • One-year experience in non-profit or office settings recommended.

  • Experience working in a multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural health care work environment

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, including advanced skills in Excel

  • Demonstrated competency with project analysis, reporting and presentations 

  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects and work on a collaborative team

  • Professional writing skills in English

Work location

  • Approximately 95% of the time performing job duties is spent indoors, within a standard office environment (currently remote and access to office space on Tuesdays and Thursdays.)

  • Approximately 90% of the time is spent on the computer.


How to Apply

If you are interested in joining HIP’s team, please submit a resume and cover letter to Anais Muller-Cohn at


  • $45,000-50,000 + Benefits

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