Program Coordinator - Care Coordination & Health Provider Education

Job Description 

The Program Coordinator is responsible for planning and implementing programs and services that advance health s

 The Program Coordinator is responsible for implementing programs and services of HIP to further the mission: “We are a nonprofit coalition of public and private health care leaders dedicated to increasing access to health care and building stronger local health care systems.” The Program Coordinator works under the direction of HIP leadership staff and with key stakeholders including health care providers, Santa Cruz County agencies, Central California Alliance for Health, and providers of social services programs to achieve our mission.


The Program Coordinator for Care Coordination and Health Provider Education has responsibility for two key areas of HIP’s work: care coordination and health provider education.  Care coordination programs include a range of activities that support more efficient and effective coordination between providers of health services such as medical care, mental health, and substance use disorder treatment; and community services agencies delivering food access services, housing, domestic partner violence prevention, childcare, education, legal services etc.  The health provider education area includes the organizing and logistical delivery of trainings, convenings and learning sessions to a variety of health care workers, and includes ensuring the provision of Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Educational credits for eligible health care staff.


The Program Coordinator implements HIP programs at the direction of the Program Director, leading to the successful delivery of programs and services, providing project management, logistical and technical expertise.  Programs include Care Coordination, Continuing Medical Education, Children’s Health-focused programs, as well as core coalitions (SafeRx and Integrated Behavioral Health Action Coalition).  


The Program Coordinator is responsible for program delivery such that implementation of each program is fair, respectful, equitable, efficient, and fosters productive collaborative efforts to improve healthcare and support HIP’s mission.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lead successful delivery of programs

    • Plan, set goals and implement assigned programs according to strategic objectives, utilizing project management skills and tools.

    • Coordinate collaborative, community-based efforts to expand and deepen care coordination between all providers of services that contribute to health and well-being in the Santa Cruz community, through convening workgroups, facilitating technical solutions, and leading relationship building activities.       

    • Coordinate learning sessions and webinars on a wide spectrum of health and well-being topics; using adult learning theory and evidence-based communication practices. 

    • Provide facilitative leadership for community and educational meetings, including curriculum development, identification, and coordination of speakers, preparation of materials and evaluation 

    • Ensure that HIP provides Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Educational credits according to regulations and in an efficient and timely manner.

    • Collect,  analyze and present data to provide insights into program areas: examples include client/user experience in care coordination or resource/referral directory, client experience data, aggregated client outcomes data, learning session evaluations, and clinic utilization data, etc.

  • Work collaboratively with HIP program staff

    • Provide leadership and a team based approach to planning and implementing programs from start to completion involving deadlines, milestones, and processes.

    • Be a catalyst for equity in all programs and cultivate an equity mindset among colleagues and stakeholders.

  • Develop and maintain partnerships 

    • Participate in HIP efforts to establish/maintain strong relationships and collaborative efforts with healthcare and social service entities, private sector partners, and the education community, in collaboration with HIP Leadership Team.

    • Represent the organization to peer non-profits, funders, public agencies, and the community. 

Minimum Qualifications

  • At least five (5) years of related experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field;

  • Professional non-profit experience in addition to management experience


Desired Qualifications (not required however the successful candidate will have at least one of the listed qualifications)

  • Master’s degree in a related field    

  • Ability to identify and analyze organizational needs to guide and direct staff to meet program and administrative requirements

  • Discernment and empathy for internal stakeholders’ pain points and needs, and an ability to translate those needs into concrete steps forward 

  • Knowledge of health care systems and experience in delivering medical and/or social services. 

  • Understanding of challenges confronted by clients experiencing complex need including chronic physical health, behavioral health diagnoses (mental health, substance use), and social determinants of health

  • Lens of equity and desire to consistently uplift the client voice in healthcare and human service systems.

  • Experience and/or interest in disparate health outcomes and a passion to promote complex solutions to shift these trends among specific vulnerable populations and under-resourced communities

  • Experience and/or interest in quality improvement, adult learning theory, and effective empathy conveyance

  • Experience with qualitative and quantitative data analysis 

Work location

During the COVID-19 pandemic work from home policies apply, with the option of working twice a week from HIP office space. It is expected that the program coordinator will be located in Santa Cruz County or neighboring Counties.


How to Apply

If you are interested in joining HIP’s team, please submit a resume and cover letter to Anais Muller-Cohn at


  • $70000-75000 + Benefits

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