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Pediatric Vision Group

In November 2008, ten physician leaders representing the private, safety net and tertiary pediatric settings in Santa Cruz County came together to work toward a more collaborative, integrated and inclusive system of pediatric care in Santa Cruz county.  The group took the name Pediatric Vision Group (PVG) to communicate an approach that begins by defining a common vision and then looks for collaborative opportunities to achieve its vision.  

In January 2009, PVG agreed on four principles to guide its improvement work: 

  • robust preventative health programs;
  • universal access to comprehensive care;
  • medical homes to integrate care; and
  • expanded local access to subspecialty care.

Under the umbrella of the Health Improvement Partnership, and with the sponsorship of First5 and HIP member organizations, the Pediatric Vision Group met eight times between 2008 and 2010.   The group expanded to include local health plan medical directors, public health and broader representation from the public sector.  PVG learned the importance of dialogue to building relationships and a culture of collaboration and have worked collaboratively in several areas including childhood immunizations and subspecialty care. 

In October 2010, the Pediatric Vision Group invited mental health providers from the public and private sectors to join the group and attend meetings. 

In 2011, the Pediatric Vision Group focused on improving the integration of mental health services into pediatric primary care. PVG hosted a Pediatric Mental Health Mixer for community pediatric providers and mental health professionals on July 26, 2011 in an effort to foster better relationships and collaboration between these providers.

PVG continues to work to improve the integration of mental health services and pediatric primary care in 2012.  In collaboration with HIP, Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency and community leaders, PVG has developed a directory of pediatric mental health providers in Santa Cruz County as a resource for local pediatric providers. PVG also hosted the second annual Pediatric Mental Health Mixer on June 26, 2012 during which Pediatric Mental Health directories were distributed.