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E-Digest Issue #1: October 4, 2013

E-Digest Issue #2: October 11, 2013

E-Digest Issue #3: October 18, 2013

  E-Digest Issue #4: November 1, 2013

 E-Digest Issue #5: November 8, 2013 

  E-Digest Issue #6: November 22, 2013

 E-Digest Issue #7: December 6, 2013

9.27.13 Be a Champion For Expanded Coverage Resources and Presentations:


Glossary of Terms


Application Process Graphic

Covered California - Presented by Cecilia Espinola, Human Services Dept.

ACA Quiz - Presented by Alan McKay, California Alliance for Health



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This Month @ HIPC:

180/2020 Update - August 2014 

Recent Presentations:

Proposition 46: The Troy and Alana Pack Patient Safety Act

Community Dialogue: Medi-Cal Expansion in Santa Cruz County

Safety Net Clinic Expansions in Santa Cruz County


Coleman Webinars

Coleman Sustainability  Webinar 6
Teachnical Assistance:

Coleman Sustainability  Webinar 3
Using Data to Understand Access Issues

Coleman Sustainability Webinar 2 
Troubleshooting and Maintaining an Effective Data Dashboard


Medicare Spending in Santa Cruz County - HIPC Presentation 2.13.14

2012 SNCC Report to the Community


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