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As an innovator of initiatives that hold promise for improving the patient experience, improving population health, and reducing cost HIP recognizes that there is a critical link between practice and policy.  Toward that end, our mission includes engaging the community and informing public dialogue:

  • Policy forums have enabled the community to understand health care challenges from different perspectives: local business, government, physicians, educators, labor and other advocates;
  • A monthly column in the Santa Cruz Sentinel enables our members to share policy analysis and promising practices with the wider public;
  • Leading the selection and evaluation of Santa Cruz County's Community Health Care Goals, as part of the United Way's Community Assessment Project, and working throughout each year to achieve progress on those goals;
  • Producing an annual data report, Key Health Indicators, to provide a snapshot of our local health care system based on common metrics like cost, coverage, and primary care access; and
  • Incorporating the best practices of other community coalitions across the nation, to ensure we apply the latest research and evidence to our efforts.